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50 libros que me han cambiado la vida

‘50 libros que me han cambiado la vida’ by Llucia Ramis - Illustrated by Julio Fuentes Bruguera / Penguin - Random House - 2020 - Have you ever thought about using a romantic book as a lure to woo someone in a premeditated way on the train? Did you have a vital Epiphany reading a [...]
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Mal Bon Pare – Cover Illustration

        ‘Mal Bon Pare’ a novel by Sergi Pons Codina  Cover Illustration by Julio Fuentes Ara Llibres / Amsterdam llibres - 2020 - Ex sharp skin, 40 years old, with a massive hangover lying on the couch. 3 hyper vitaminated girls messing up around the house and her wife, about to give [...]
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El Gran Libro de la Mitologia

The Great Book of Mythology Texts by Rosa Navarro Durán Illustrated by Julio Fuentes Montena Editorial Penguin Random House - 'The great book of mythology' is a large format illustrated album that brings together the main stories and legends of Roman and Greek mythology in an accessible and entertaining tone to introduce them to young [...]
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The Samuel Johnson Dictionary

The Samuel Johnson Dictionary Editorial Debate Penguin / Random House Samuel Johnson's dictionary includes words, slang and vocabulary from the 18th century. He collected them from the texts of Shakespeare and other great writers of his time. Describing them from his particular perspective and insight. Recognizing them in this way while integrating them into the [...]
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Agenda Blackie Books 2020

Agenda Blackie Books 2020 The mythical agenda edited by the independent publisher Blackie Books. Packed with curious illustrated ephemeris and cultural recommendations. With inspirational quotes, series recommendations, fruit and vegetable calendar, weekly layout / tetris, and much more. - An impeccable layout by Studio Setanta. Texts by Daniel Lopez Valle. Concept and development by Blackie [...]
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